Vegetable oils and fats

Ukrainian soybean oil – as a feed ingredient makes the feed have a better, more animal-friendly texture, which are likely absorbed. Metabolizable energy for poultry 9000 kcal and 8752 kcal for pigs. Deliveries pallet containers in 1000 lithium or stankowywane from the tank. Shuttle service throughout the country from one pallet container or 3 tons directly from the tank.

Fish oil – it has a high content of Omega – 3, improves smakowość and energy value of feed. Metabolizable energy for poultry 8167 kcal and 8642 kcal for pigs. Deliveries in 1000 lithium pallet containers. Shuttle service throughout the country from one pallet container.

Rapeseed oil – is a popular component of the lubrication feed. It is characterized by high metabolic energy and increases the digestibility of animal nutrition. The nutritional value of the rapeseed oil is high. It has a favorable fatty acid profile, and it contains amino acids are a source of essential fatty acids. Shuttle service throughout the country in the supply całocysternowych.

Vegetable fats in solid state – are a mixture of esters of glycerol and higher fatty acids. They are supplementary material, which is produced animals needed for energy and thermal insulation. They are a perfect match for the production of feed for all livestock.