Components for feed production


Vegetable oils and fats

Ukrainian soybean oil – as a feed ingredient makes the feed have a better, more animal-friendly texture, which are likely absorbed. Metabolizable energy for poultry 9000 kcal and 8752 kcal for pigs. Deliveries pallet containers in 1000 lithium or stankowywane from the tank. Shuttle service throughout the country from one pallet container or 3 tons […]

The fish meal

Poland Fish meal 60% and 70% – a source of high quality protein, protein varied according to the value of 60% – 70%. Excellent nutritional value of fish meal due to a high content of amino acids: lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan and arginine. The use of fish meal guarantees a high rate of growth and […]

Other components

Acids rape – are a byproduct of the refining of rapeseed oil. Perfectly suited as an additive to animal feed. The feed additives for growing animals szybo increase primarily energy concentration and improves the palatability of feed. They are the source of vitamins in their soluble (A, D and E) as well as unsaturated fatty […]